Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of

Today was a good day.  Hugs from friends I haven't seen in awhile, yoga with some excellent students, laughs over lunch, and a delicious (albeit misshapen) dipped cone eaten outside in the February sunshine.
Doesn't misshapen look like it's spelled wrong?  Spell check assures me it's A-OK, but I don't know.
Anywho, I was riding this lovin' life high when I came home to find not one, not two, but three (!) birds trapped in my sun room.  There they were, flapping their wings madly, pecking at all three glass walls in futility, and otherwise freaking out.  Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened, but in the past, only one bird was trapped.  Never three!  Three is just madness.  You see, the sliding door on the sunroom is broken and does not slide, so open it sits, acting as a cruel trap to our back yard friends.
Today's rescue mission involved several failed attempts.  First, I used a field lacrosse stick (because it's longer than a normal lacrosse stick) in an attempt to get the birds to perch while I ferried them to the door.  Seeing as these are the type of birds who can fly, this didn't work.  I got one to perch on the end of the stick, but once I tried moving the stick to the door, the bird flew back to the window to resume pecking and flapping madly.
Back to the drawing board.
I put on my MaCgyver hat and strapped a peanut butter and bird seed coated treat on the end of my lacrosse stick perch.  Interestingly enough, these birds held escape from the sunroom/death trap higher on their list of priorities than settling down with me for an afternoon snack.
And to the drawing board again.
This time, a good old cardboard box with a makeshift lid.  You know when you trap a bug under a glass, then slid a sheet of paper underneath to keep it inside so you can dispose of it without touching it?  This is what I was attempting to do with the whirling dervishes at the sunroom window.  And . . . it worked!  Although I shuddered every time I heard the soft thud after I forced their little body into the box, not to mention how awful I felt as they flapped away inside the box while I transported them to safety.  And the sheer terror that they might break out during the rescue mission and retaliate against their savior, mercilessly pecking her eyes out was nearly unbearable.  Thankfully, lifting soup cans has really been building my upper body strength, so I was able to hold the lid tight while I walked the three steps to the door, and no eye pecking escape took place.
As I said, this has happened before, but the volume of birds trapped, coupled with the fact that I was alone had me a bit nervous.  The last time this happened, it was almost cute!  And I caught it on camera.  This clip is just as good as any action you'd see in a Mission Impossible movie, I swear, and I've been trying to upload it for the past half an hour, and I give up.  Thanks for nothing, blogger help.  What does server not supported mean?  If I ever figure it out, I'll post it.  Wow, talk about anticlimactic.
I hate technology,

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  1. I am crying I'm laughing so hard at the mental picture I have of you attempting to capture these birds and set them free...priceless!