About the Quinlans

This vat of ice cream was shared.  Really.
Shelby is (for the time being) a retired school teacher who is busy incubating a bébé set to shake things up chez Quinlan in early May.  She enjoys reading (mostly blogs), cooking, and yoga.  She especially loves it when her husband plays games on his iPhone and as such has worked an iPhone caveat into her birth plan.  Some claim that she harbours certain obsessive traits such as arranging items in her home at right angles to one another, planning meals a month in advance, and writing birth plans with caveats.  Stay tuned to see how this carefully constructed world crumbles to a million tiny pieces come May.

He hardly ever smiles for a picture.
Jimmy, the paterfamilias at the Quinlan house, is not a retired school teacher.  He teaches junior high students the joys of math and lacrosse.  Shelby would say Jimmy is an elite athlete because he chooses to ride his bike to work in the dead of WINTER while she chooses to stay in the house unless the temperature is -10 or better.  Jimmy has an alter ego that can actually be more obsessive than Shelby is, but he only makes semi-regular appearances, which is a good thing because he makes Shelby feel extremely inferior.  We call him Productive-J. 

The two met in high school and dated for a loooong time before Shelby finally agreed to marry Jimmy, making his life long dream come true.  In reality, it may have been the other way around, but regardless, they are both somewhat satisfied with how things have turned out.

Wedded bliss, obvi.

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  1. Hiya Shelby! I have finally had a chance to seriously read your blog. Well done. The numb arms made me laugh out loud. You look awesome- both in person and in your photos. I'm jealous of your time. As you know, this teaching job never slows down. I'll keep reading, you keep writing! Enjoy your time at home! It's awesome!