Monday, 27 February 2012

Bits and Pieces

I am nearing completion of my lovely mustard coloured scarf.  Having overcome my first hurdle of figuring out how to tie in a second skein of yarn (I'm now fluent in knitspeak) my next task will be to learn how to bring this thing to an end.  I could just wear the scarf with the knitting loom dangling from one end, but I fear it might poke someone's eye out.  Can't have that kind of bad publicity following me around with my campaign for Queen.  Soon enough I will post the conclusion of my first foray into the knitting world but now, the results of tying in the second skein. Remember, my youtube mentor said the knot would be undetectable.  Here is a close up.
Can you spot the knot?
It's not easy to detect, but if Martha came to inspect my work, I am sure she would find it.  If you didn't see it above, below the crochet hook points straight at the eye sore that would be sure to offend the master crafter.
This is all scintillating I know, so before I go, a gem from James.  We were at our prenatal class the other night discussing natural induction of labour should the due date come and go with no babe in arms produced.  My knight in shining armour chimed in with his expertise on the subject.
Said James: "I've heard Castrol oil will do the trick."
A stunned silence followed.
I snapped out of it and quickly came to my husband's aid before the instructor could call Social Services .  
"Oh, I think you mean castor oil," I said, laughing nervously.
"Is that what it's called?" He asked skeptically.
Ever since, our instructor has been keeping a close eye on him.
Can you hardly wait for The Bachelor tonight?  Me neither.  Have a fabulous Monday night.

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  1. Wow, I had totally forgotten about the scarf. But you know what I haven't forgotten? Taking castor oil with Mads and all it induced was a lot of bowel evacution! Maybe Castrol oil will produce better results. Does Jimmy bring a pencil to class? It might help him look more intelligent.