Friday, 3 February 2012


Well, we've done it.  We've hired a boula doula as support for the big day in May. According to my dad, this officially makes us hippies (he's also the guy who thinks it's pronounced boula).  Bring on the granola and patchouli, I guess, because I feel better already!  I've always been just slightly afraid of doctors, needles and any medical procedure.  Par example, when I had to have my wisdom teeth removed, my mom literally had to sit on my chest so the anaesthesiologist could start the IV. This was after I tried to get out of the procedure altogether, citing my bad head cold, chapped lips, and even a nose bleed as major obstacles to the success of the surgery.  Jimmy?  He had his wisdom teeth taken out one at a time on FOUR SEPARATE DAYS under local anaesthetic.
So as you can see, I need all the help I can get. 
And I know it was only a couple of short days ago that I claimed to hate technology, but we've done some counselling and been on a Kabbalah retreat as last ditch efforts to save our strained relationship.  Suffice it to say we're on speaking terms again.  Mostly because technology connected me to Sara over at Your Baby Booty. Her site is great for the product reviews alone, but the blog on her site is so informative when it comes to preparing for all things baby, including labor and delivery.  And what I love most is that she highlights the options that are available rather than saying any one way is best.  After leaving a comment on one of the posts, she thought I was intelligent enough to interview for an article on her site!  So hippie or not, someone thinks I've got something to say!  Worry not, I'll let you know when she posts the interview.  
Thanks, technology.  Coffee date tomorrow?
And in totally unrelated news, my husband is in a Valentine's Day poll titled "Which NLL player on Twitter would you choose for your Valentine?"  I think the answer should be obvious.  It's a tight race at the moment, but I know the loyal readers of Chez Quinlan will soon change that.  Besides, his closest competition, while easy on the eyes, can be temperamental, just between you and me.
The captain.
The competition.
Former roommates and teammates, and still fighting!
What are you doing still here?!  Go and vote!  When Jimmy wins, I promise I'll share the Valentines gift he gives me.  Trust me, it'll cost next to nothing to ship it to you ;)

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