Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Like Big Butts . . . ?

I asked my sensitive and supportive husband if he thought my posterior region was getting larger as part and parcel of this beautiful pre-natal state.  Instead of answering one way or the other, he said "Have I got just the thing for you!"  That thing is this:
I can't believe I didn't fully appreciate until now how complex the butt really is! Thank you Leandro - I look forward to getting whistles and cat calls in short order.  
I mentioned to Jimmy that all the cardio and jumping around may not be appropriate for a woman in her third trimester, but as always he had a simple solution. "For after then!"  Thanks honey.  In fact, I think this video series may just be the perfect push present.  Are you taking notes out there, expectant dads who read my blog in droves?
In the meantime, I'm doing everything I can to make sure Leandro has to work for the three easy payments of $19.95 plus $12.95 (American!) shipping and handling my husband will be forking over.  Case in point, the frozen hot chocolate I made last night for a Valentine's treat.  Made with 1/4 cup of hot chocolate mix and cream (not milk), this delicious treat should ensure Leandro has his work cut out for him.  I will be making this again, but if I switch to 2% milk (don't you dare get crazy and suggest skim!) I think I can have one every second day with little to no guilt.  I'm positive this is the healthy alternative to a Blizzard.  I will still have Blizzards too, but only when I get the two for one email from the Blizzard fan club.  What?!  You can't let a two for one coupon go to waste!


  1. Yum I'll come over the next time you make that!

  2. Remember those amazing milkshakes we had at that burger place in Phoenix? And I'm not even a milkshake person, like the two of you. Maybe you could make this frozen hot chocolate thing minty. And then send it to YYC.