Friday, 17 February 2012

Road Trip

We hit Highway 2 today on a journey down south to visit family and watch Jimmy's game.  My mom drove, but felt a migraine coming on after about an hour and a half of driving.  Her solution?  Sustenance, a fine remedy if you're most people.  But my mom has different ideas about nourishment than most.  She wanted me to feed her m&m's.  I vetoed this proposal and instead made her eat some carrot sticks and a chocolate flavoured protein bar I had packed.  She complained the whole time, but the migraine didn't get worse, so my work as co-pilot was done.
My dad and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny walk to Starbucks upon our arrival while my mom, sister and niece went to run errands.
Coley is two, and talking more and more, but it often comes out as a dialect only his sister can understand. Without his interpreter present, poor Cole had to repeat "Me not see" numerous times before I realized his hat had fallen into his eyes.  Clearly he has unwavering faith in me and was trusting that I wasn't leading him into oncoming traffic.  Sweet, naive, little thing!  Little did he know I was too busy texting to pay attention to traffic.  We were lucky this time, I guess!  Next time I refuse to take him anywhere without his translator. 
Shirts off party.

The interpreter.

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  1. Say hi to all the cuties for us! Have fun with them! Xoxo