Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh Boy!

I've mentioned already that I'm convinced that the tenant gestating in utero is a wee laddie, but recently my Nana confirmed this with an iron clad and empirical test.  So certain of the results was she that she wasn't going to tell me her findings as she knew I had told the doctors and ultrasound techs that I didn't want to know the baby's gender!  I finally convinced her to tell me, and of course the gold wedding ring on a string test indicated the presence of a Y chromosome brewing.  
I've also mentioned before that I think boys might be slightly easier to parent than girls.  Boys don't come home crying after a fight with friends at school, or worry over their clothes and hair.  But boys are a very different breed, a totally foreign psychological landscape.  Growing up without brothers, there were many mysterious and incomprehensible behaviours that were revealed to me when I co-habited with the male species for the first time, as an unsuspecting adult.  The first and most shocking discovery: Men don't use toilet paper unless their trip to the bathroom is one that also requires reading material.  I don't understand!  Who wants to walk around with a wet spot on their underpants?  Not I!  When I suggested to James that we might teach any sons of ours to use a square or two, he was adamant.  Apparently habits like this will mean social suicide for our potential boy. This led to the frightening realization, that once again, when it comes to boys, I am out of my league.  Meaning I'm going to have to defer to Jimmy on some of these gender sensitive parenting topics.  Which isn't a bad thing.  As Devon Corneal, author of this funny article points out: "I don't need to know it all, and being befuddled is ok. I've got a partner in this parenting thing. If I don't understand my son's need to show off his penis, his dad does".  Amen to that, sister!  Could you imagine such a comparison going on in the women's locker room?  Laughable!
A gem from James before you go: Perhaps due to my extra X chromosome I am always sensitive to my husband's feelings, and so I wanted to check that he was comfortable with being turned into fodder for my blog.  In another stunning display of my blatant lack of understanding when it comes to the male brain, he replied "Well if you didn't write about me, I guess you'd have nothing to write about".  He calls it confidence, I call it something else entirely.
Coming up later this week?  The fabulous fashion finds my mom fetched in Phoenix (sorry, I was at a Seuss themed children's party this weekend - fab decorations and treats Nessa!).  
I know some of you thought her assessment of my Old Navy purchases was harsh, but I think once you see what she found down south, you'll agree that Old Navy just can't compete.  
Have you tried any of the old wives' gender tests?  Did they work?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Well I wouldnt suggest the old "mix your pee with draino test" as it could be toxic! But yes I did it with my pregnant friend... it said I was having a boy and she a girl...but she had the boy and I had the girl. Maybe we mixed them up???

  2. I am not sure men understand their chromosomes, they just worship their penis (not their underpants).