Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wrinkles can be Attractive

I am exhausted today!  I haven't felt this tired since the first trimester when I fell asleep on our friend's couch, strawberry flavoured beer in hand (What?! I didn't know about the new life that was blossoming yet!  And I didn't even finish the beer because of the narcolepsy).  I think today's exhaustion is the fault of the blood thirsty technicians at my local Dynalife lab.  That or the crash that followed the unpalatable orange drink they forced me to drink.  Either way, I'm hoping that was the second last needle I'll have to endure this pregnancy, and that this fatigue is temporary. 
Speaking of symptoms of pregnancy, I've been very fortunate.  No nausea or vomiting, swelling (yet) or hemorrhoids, but there are a couple of side effects that I could do without.  I've already bored you by detailing at length the absentmindedness that is plaguing me, but there are a couple of new ones.  A crippling back ache that crops up only when I'm trying to sleep (perhaps another reason for the tiredness) and the several times daily nose bleeds that appear anytime I inhale too sharply or touch my nose.  Drawing on his sports background, Jimmy has suggested the use of a certain feminine hygiene product to staunch the flow from my nose so that I might keep both hands free and be able to carry on as my productive self.  A practical and attractive solution!  Another gem from James of late?  While looking at my blog stats page, he noted: "Stalled out at 19 followers, I see!"
Anyways, because I am experiencing a lack of motivation today, some mindless entertainment for you.  Enjoy this while I take my post in front of the PVR to catch up with this week's proceedings on The Bachelor.
How does he make even crows' feet and brow furrows look good?


  1. Tell your husband you have a stranger commenting today! I thought the bachelor dragged on for what seemed like 3+ hours, and I continue to think Ben is NOT a catch : ) cheers to a good night's sleep.

  2. Maybe his leathery, wrinkled face looks OK but what is with that hair. Maybe he should pin a few hairstyles.