Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phoenix Fashion Photo Shoot

Since I've been making zero progress in the self photography department and Jimmy is so busy, busy, busy, we've hired a new art director and photographer here at Chez Quinlan.  And by hired I mean that I told my mom she has to take my picture.  She added in the title of art director and has really run with the concept, searching out the perfect accessories and story lines for each of our shots.  Sure, there are some difficulties in doing business with family.  First off, she refuses to wear her glasses while shooting, so after each shot, I have to look at the camera to tell her if it turned out or not.  Since I usually think I look ridiculous, this leads to many, many retakes.  Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, with my mom taking over as art director, each shot must tell a story, and I am no actor, so my mom can often be heard telling me I look stiff and unnatural, which leads to increased levels of stiffness and unnatural poses as I become more self conscious.  
And now you, lucky reader, get to enjoy the fruits of this mother-daughter collaboration.
Top: Gap Maternity Jeans: Thyme Maternity Accessories: My mom's closet
Story: Pausing to catch breath after walking up two steps.
Top: Gap Maternity Skirt and shoes: My mom's closet
because the jeans I had planned weren't exciting enough.
Story: Pregnant women need to sit down a lot and
look good while doing so.
Top and Jeans: Gap Maternity Boots: Guess
Necklaces: Stella and Dot
Story: The windblown hair isn't just for photographic effect.
Pregnant women overheat easily and must be kept cool.
Top: Gap Maternity Jeans: Thyme Maternity
Boots and Necklace: My mom's closet, purchased in Italy!!
Story: At the library, browsing for books on parenting, of course.
Top and accessories: My mom's closet (I told you, she's really
running with her role as art director)
Jeans: Thyme Maternity
Story: The urge to nest is strong.  Arrange flowers while
looking your best!
And a gem from James before I sign off:
James: Ever since I trimmed my nose hairs the liquid has been coming out of my nose so much more easily.
Me: You mean snot?!
James: Yeah, I think it's because there's less hair.
Can I hear an amen for good personal grooming habits?  As for the fashion, you can bet there's plenty more photo shoots for you to look forward to with my mom at the helm of the art department.  Can't wait?  Me neither.


  1. After reading Jimmy's gem I think your mother may appoint herself editor-in-chief as well!

  2. Can I hear an amen? Jimmy is gross!