Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hair: Not the Musical

Immediately after yesterday's post my mom texted me to say that I shouldn't lower my standards just because I'm packing on the pounds.  She ordered me to return those two tops immediately as she had found much better in Phoenix.  Sorry Chez Quinlan commenters - she inadvertantly insulted your sense of style too!
Also, now that the bump is fully visible, the comments from well intentioned onlookers have started.  "Wow you're really popping out!  It must be almost time!" or "Oh you look great, you're due in March, right?"
If I were due in March, that last one would be a really kind comment, but seeing as I have at least 94 days to go (thank you My Pregnancy app) I'm starting to get a little worried.  Not worried enough to stop eating ice cream, but worried all the same.  
Ellen must have seen my post on hair the other day, because she was talking about hairstyles on her show too!  Here's the clip - I love the first guy's hair.  If this baby is a boy, that's the style I'm going for.  Sadly, Ellen didn't have an answer to my long/short dilemma, but the people on Pinterest have spoken!
I pinned this picture awhile ago after my mom told me it should be my new hairstyle (she's relentless, I tell you!).  It's had 183 repins and 24 likes, which is approximately 10 times more repins than anything else I've pinned.
I don't know - my hair isn't that thick, and it's a bit too unkempt looking for my tastes!
  Poor Ginnifer, on the other hand, she only got 1 repin.
Personally, I'm partial to this one, but it hasn't been repinned even once.  
If you're interested, you can see what I'm pinning here.  Just don't judge me when you see my board dedicated to HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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  1. And when you decide I will too as I too have thin hair in desperate need of a change little Bee El... xoxox