Friday, 20 January 2012

Belly Bloat

You don't think that this:
Or this:
Has anything to do with this:
25 week old gas bubble.
Or this:

Do you?
If you know where I could get my hands on maternity snow pants, let me know.  I could have really used them in the minus 42 degree weather we had this week.
In other news, baby Q has been kicking more and more lately.  The other night I was feeling all kinds of movement, so I decided to do as my prenatal teacher instructed and poke back to "play" with the baby.  I was beyond surprised when the baby poked back!  I had to get Jimmy in on this as I've tried to get him to feel the baby moving a couple of times before, and he just looked at me doubtfully and said "Are you sure that's not gas?"  But this time, success!  Jimmy felt the baby move, and since it was in response to his poking and prodding, I think he's finally convinced that I am incubating a human and not just a large gas bubble.

Around here we're getting ready for the big home opening game where James will make his debut as captain.  He's been busy on the phone for radio interviews, and running around to the local television stations, not to mention the late night and early morning practices, so he's tired, but excited.  I am very proud, as I've said before, and yesterday I came across an article that was so well written and so complimentary, that I just have to share it here.  It can be easy to forget all those years of hard work that he (I like to think I helped - the teary phone calls from your long distance girl friend can only make you a better player, right?) has put in to get where he is.  Good luck tonight, captain, my captain!


  1. ooo cupcakes and cake, if you ever need help finishing those off you know my number =P

  2. My formerly pregnant body is super jeal. you look amazing!!