Sunday, 22 January 2012


No, I'm not talking about the book by Judy Blume (that one is spelled Deenie, BTW), but rather my father, Dean.  Deanie has always been my mom's nickname for him, until someone else jumped on board in using this name in recent years.  
You see, I have a sister who, if we looked at genetics is really my mom's niece, but she grew up with us and has been a part of our immediate family for years.  So when this sister of mine had her first child, Bex, almost five years ago, Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa had all been taken by other grand-parental figures.  Ergo we had to come up with something new that Bex could use for my parents.  
Vogue worthy Bex.

My mom fairly quickly became JG.  It started out as a joke (it stands for Jacq the Great) but stuck hard and fast.  It was much more taxing to find something that would work for my dad.  He put forward the idea of Boss.  Yes, he wanted his grandchildren to call him Boss.  But as Bex got older, she refused to actually use it.  Now that we've got another grandchild joining the family, the discussion has come up again because we want all the kids to use the same names for their grandparents.  We're a type A family that way.
Call me crazy, but I have a Grandma and a Nana, and they were my Grandma and my Nana for years.  Then all of a sudden some younger cousins were born, and now we've thrown Oma and Grandma into the mix.  I'm sorry, but you can't call my Grandma, Oma.  Who is Oma?  And now all of a sudden Nana is Grandma?  I found it all very unsettling.  So you can see why the push is on to settle on a name for the kids to use for my dad. This is important stuff discussed over Sunday dinners, right after we finish with the state of the European economy.
Bex and Deanie.
Anyway, Bex has a mind of her own, and once she decides on something it can be hard to sway her.  Cue the stage where she repeats most things the adults around her say.  Things like: "Mom, I look like a monster!  Help me get dressed before anyone sees me!".  That one was from JG.  Or, "Ugh, I have to do my hair, it is a disaster!".  Also from JG.  
So what else did she start repeating?  JG's use of Deanie to address my dad.  Yes, this is the tough guy who wanted to be called Boss, instead being called Deanie by his tiny, blonde, four year old granddaughter.  What makes it even better?  Bex's brother, Cole, who is two, has started using it as well.  As in "Deanie play 'ockey?" (we're working on "h" sounds).
Deanie may not like it, but hey, Bex and Coley were here first, and I'm not about to bring a new name to the party when our baby is added to the mix.  Sorry, Deanie! 
My sister, making me jealous long distance.
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