Thursday, 26 January 2012


If you are reading from some place else that isn't Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, prepare to be made incredibly jeal by this post.  Oh, what's that?  You were already jealous when you read about the minus 42 temperatures of the week past?  Well, this week it's spring again, so let your green eyed monster get some much needed rest.  
My research expedition has turned up some real pearls right here in Edmonton. There are several blogs that showcase the goings on in Edmonton.  The really interesting, stuff you don't hear about all the time, goings on.  City and Dale is a blog dedicated to sharing the hidden gems in Edmonton, from fashion and events, to great eats and entertainment.  They've just posted their weekend guide today, with at least two events that will get you out to enjoy the balmy temperatures.  First, Sunday Swing 'n' Skate, where live jazz and swing bands will charm you as you skate at City Hall, and the Mill Creek Adventure Walk, another free event for the whole family. 
A sister blog, City and Baby highlights the same facets of Edmonton life, but with a focus on places and events for parents with kids under six.  One of my friends has me living in constant paranoia that now that my uterus has been taken over by a new tenant I will become a mom whose whole life will be ruled by everything baby. And so I hesitated in putting this site up, because it very clearly relates to everything baby.  But then I reconsidered.  This site is great because it focuses on how you can get out and still do adult things with your cute (and very needy) little roommate. 
For example, the post today focused on a new local eatery called Café Tiramisu. This place sounds incredible!  Not only is it a coffee shop, they serve light Italian fare and are licensed.  You could go out on a Friday evening for a family dinner, then listen to live music and have a glass of wine while your kids play in the gorgeous play area, complete with four iPads!  Besides that, they have a community room where very reasonably priced fitness classes for the whole family are offered.  Run by two moms who missed getting out, this sounds like an incredible concept.
After filling you in on the greatness happening in my hometown, I've realized I do miss talking about myself just a little bit.  So a quick update that will lead into a gem from James before I sign off.  I have become unbelievably forgetful and clumsy as a professional child incubator.  The other night I was 45 minutes late for our pre-natal class because I couldn't remember what time it started (even though it was the third week of the class), nor could I find my phone in order to take Jimmy's call notifying me that I was late.  Jimmy was in a state of total shock because I am the planner and organizer in our house, and I am never that late to any event.  
Then, yesterday I somehow lost my Costco card inside the Costco and was almost unable to buy my 10 quarts of chocolate ice cream, which would have spelled disaster for everyone involved.  Not only that, but I am a criminal and use my mom's card because I don't have one, so when they offered to look up my card, I had to make up some lame excuse about why they couldn't find me in the system.  Luckily they took pity on my bloated self and let me pay for my ice cream and scuttle out the door.  
Thankfully, Jimmy's very understanding about these bizarre symptoms I've been experiencing.  Why just the other night as I was telling him a really interesting story, in a show of sympathy and solidarity for my condition he asked, "So is repeating yourself constantly a symptom of pregnancy?"  Who cares if I'd already told him that story?  It was really interesting.  I just can't remember what it was.

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