Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I have a cousin named Wyatt.  He's 17 and an unusually cool guy, which is surprising if you had known him as a bug-eyed, ankle biting toddler.  Or if you had known him during the hot sauce phase.  See, as he got older, Wyatt sometimes made inappropriate word choices, and hot sauce was the consequence.  I believe the pinnacle of this phase was an incident at his elementary school running club where someone encouraged his teammates by shouting "Run, you bastards!"
But now, he's just about the most well-rounded, friendly teenager you could meet (besides his sister Sydney, of course).  There was the time he helped me put together a Justin Bieber costume for Halloween  using his prized American Apparel hoodie.
Biebs!  In my bedroom!
Or the adoration he (and his sister both) inspire in my niece and nephew's eyes every single time they visit (which is way more often than I think most high school kids visit their 2 and 4 year old second cousins).  In fact, they just spent the whole weekend with my sister and her family, visiting and baby sitting and basically preserving my sister's sanity.
Not only that, but Wyatt is musically talented.  He plays the harmonica and ukulele. You might be thinking, those are unusual instruments, and they are.  But even more unusual are the songs he can play on these instruments.  Songs like "OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA", and "Mr. Jones", and even Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You".  He treated us to some of his playing and singing this Christmas, and I took some less than stellar video of his performance.  Enjoy!  


  1. ok. I looove the Bieberfit!!! And you look a lot like Charlize Theron in the getup ... do you get that a lot?

  2. Merci, and ummm, no! I wore it to school and everyone thought I was actually a teenage boy!