Saturday, 14 January 2012

Double Time

Today has been a day of such exceptional quality, it deserves a double post.  First thing this morning I was at pre-natal fitness (so glad the holiday hiatus is over - I've been eating everything in sight) where I did no less than 17 push ups (ladies' style, bien sûr).  Jimmy would be so proud.  Speaking of spousal pride, I am very proud of him after last night's announcement.  
After fitness class, it was off to the farmers' market where, just as I was about to get annoyed at the man in front of me for stopping traffic, he jumped out of his car to deliver a coffee and a muffin to the man asking for change on the corner.  It could be the droves of hormones coursing through my system, but it actually made me a bit weepy! 
And then, I arrived home to check on my blog baby to see several more page views than ever before.  The reason?  Grace over at Camp Patton mentioned my blog!  I am tickled pink (and obsessed with her very funny writing).
And, drum roll please . . . aside from more page views, I'm up to six followers!  The bookies in Vegas haven't noticed yet, so they're still offering ten to one odds on the peanut arriving before I'm up to ten followers.  Hurry, place your bets before word spreads!
As for the rest of the day, I do have some laundry to take care of, but since Jimmy will be out at a celebratory dinner with his comrades, I am off the hook in the cooking department.  
Sending sunshine and lollipops your way,

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