Monday, 30 January 2012

Fancy Camera Work

Wow, this is embarrassing.  These may be the worst photos ever taken.  All you young people on Facebook make it look so easy to take pictures of yourself.  Not so.  Clearly, it takes many hours of practice.  But there's no way I'm waiting for Jimmy to get home from work to retake these.  That would mean getting dressed all over again.  I tried to set the self timer on my real camera so I wouldn't be stuck capturing myself in the mirror via camera phone, but these beauts let me down.
Shocking I know, as POWER XT is such a well reputed brand.
Enough small talk.  On to the atrociously bad photos.
Whoops.  And turning flash off.
And looking at your audience this time.
Seated, so you can see the boots, of course.

On to outfit two:
Not quite as bad.
The bed is really sagging under my petite frame.

Trying a new pose.  So non-chalant.

They're so crystal clear that you can really see all of the lovely details I added to style these fabulous new additions to my wardrobe.
Sadly, that is all for today. 


  1. You look cute! Mama to be!!!! Love you!

  2. Oh I love these. I especially love the shorter blouse.

    Now I sort of miss maternity!

    sort of.

  3. Love the red belt! You look cute (even if the bed is sagging)! :)