Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Found on the Inter-web

If you are looking for writing that is not related to pregnancy, babies, or baby stuff, you should look elsewhere today.  You have been forewarned.
As a full time child incubator, I fill my time looking up all things baby online.  I've come across many great mommy blogs (like this one, or this one), and blogs whose authors' just happen to be mommies (like this one, or this one).  But I've also found some neat-o sites that aren't blogs at all.  They're websites!  Who would've guessed?
Anyways, the first site I found that is beyond noteworthy is called Baby List. Through this site, you can make a baby registry stocked with items from just about any and every store (as long as they have a website).  This means you can put items from Etsy on your registry!  Be still my beating heart!  Your registry can be accessed by anyone with a computer and your customized registry link.  They can click on an item, order it through the retailer's website, and have the gift sent straight to your door.  Three cheers for technology!  Hip-hip . . . 
And moving right along to the second site of note: Your Baby Booty.  Being a first time mom to-be, I have been overwhelmed with the sheer number of products a baby needs.  Do they actually need all of them?  And which brand is best?  This site breaks it down.  You can enter details about your lifestyle (active, minimalist, on a budget, etc.) and the site will give you a list of the best "mom-tested" products to buy.  The site also points out which products to skip at the store and search out as hand me downs.  Sanity restored to my registry making experience!
I'm sure you're exhausted after reading all of this highly stimulating info, so I'll sign off after another Gem from James.  While pampering his pregnant wife with a well-deserved foot/leg rub, he muttered to himself:
"Still shaving her legs.  Glad to see we're keeping up our appearances for each other."
Ahem.  If that is true, James, I'd like to ask you about the muskrat that has taken up residence on your face.

Back to non-baby related posting tomorrow.  Probably.  Maybe.  Not.


  1. Yes, the same beast has nestled itself on Curtis' face as well... Jimmy's seems to have more bald spots though ;)

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