Friday, 13 January 2012

Boys and Girls

 Between my siblings and Jimmy's we are proud aunt and uncle to eight lovely littles.  We love them all to bits, and since they are not our own, we get to enjoy the fun stuff without much of the responsibility kids carry around with them (except for the time I accidentally fed little Mikey baked goods made with eggs.  He is allergic to eggs.  Responsibility hit me squarely in the face that time.  Luckily his parents 
                                                                      agreed to settle out of court).

The invaluable experience we've been provided in witnessing our siblings become parents has given us a more sensible view of what awaits us as we make our own foray into the wilderness that is parenthood.  Ok, so it's given one of us a more sensible view of what awaits us.  It's given the other one of us the impression that he will be able to parent harder, faster, and stronger than any parent so far has ever parented.  Oh, what's that sound, you ask?  Just my sister, sisters-in-law and I rubbing our hands together in     
                                         anticipation of the fireworks.

But let's back this train up to where we started, with the nieces and nephews.  The gender stats are evenly stacked - four boys and four girls.  Jimmy and I don't know if we're having a boy peanut or a girl peanut, but I have to tell you, the spunk and sass those girls display, while so fun to watch, has me thinking boy peanut might be easier on my (already very fragile) nerves.  One of our nieces once told another of her aunties: "Auntie, your hair looks crazy.  If you're not careful Uncle Jesse might take away your wedding ring!".

Workin' it hard.

And harder.
And just one Gem from James before I bid you adieu:
Jimmy:  What do you think will come first?  Ten followers or the peanut?
Well, the due date is May 4th, so place your bets early!  I hear Vegas is giving 10 to 1 odds on the peanut.


  1. ha. Jimmy reminds me of Simon ... bringing up followers ... etc.

    the kiddos are so cute!

    I LOVED not knowing Sebastian's gender ... and highly approve of that route! so fun!! (and if you're finding out ... we found out with J and we only love her a little bit less ... so you'll be just fine)

  2. So glad Grace shared your blog! Love it already!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm gad she shared it too!