Saturday, 28 January 2012


I just wanted you to know that I totally kicked butt at pre-natal fitness this morning.  I think it may have been the extra long soak I enjoyed in the tub last night, not to mention an excellent sleep on a certain memory foam mattress.  Back pain, be gone!
I then promptly proceeded to sabotage all of that hard work by inhaling some banana loaf and two cookies for lunch, winning myself a nomination for worst pre-natal nutrition ever.  Fret not, I'm rectifying the situation by eating some nutrient rich cucumber right now.  
In other news, buying maternity clothes in Edmonton has just become even more nightmarish than (I presume) it was before.  How can this be, you ask?  Well, it turns out Mexx will no longer be carrying their maternity line.  That means the only chains that carry maternity are Old Navy, Thyme Maternity, and Motherhood Maternity.  I went into all three of these establishments today hoping to find something to swath over the girth that has become my middle and had to leave, horrified.  
I could not, would not go for the stripes.
Nor was I feeling the cropped housecoat. 
And apparently, this is the type of shirt I can look forward to wearing as I nurse my new bundle of joy.
People are always saying that maternity clothes are so cute these days, but I'd like to respectfully disagree.  Sure, there are the boutique maternity stores in and around the city, but I haven't ventured in yet because I'm afraid the prices will send me running right back out the door, not to mention how it will affect Jimmy's blood pressure.  
I did find one okay pair of jeans, but I just couldn't stomach spending $50 on them. Maybe I'll get desperate as time goes on, and I bet by then the one pair I liked will be gone.  I did end up buying two non-maternity tops at Old Navy and two maternity tanks to keep the tum decent underneath.  One is a cardigan, so it will easily go the distance for the 97 odd days of gestation that remain.
The other, I'm not so sure.  The pintucks at the bottom may start to balloon out at odd angles as I continue to expand.  Time will tell.  
Maybe tomorrow I'll set up a de-luxe fashion shoot to show you how I've professionally styled these items, if you can wait that long.
Have a super fun Saturday night!


  1. does lulu have a maternity line??? And you just have to find some billowy empire waist things that you can wear even after you shrink again!

  2. Be careful! I have found that shirts without the ruching on the side tend to eventually look like a mumu. I have bought a few things from Old Navy and, despite the sizing being a tad unpredictable, they have enough to keep you clothed and cute for the next three months.

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