Tuesday, 6 March 2012


My mom insisted on playing Madonna's "Vogue" for the duration of this shoot to help get the creative juices flowing.  Just kidding!  But maybe we should try that next time . . . 
Serving up another healthy portion of everyone's favourite fashion subset: maternity wear!  Enjoy.

Sweater dress: My mom's closet  Bag: It's Italian  Boots: Tahari Story: Slipping my orthotic insoles into my boots before heading out the door for a night on the town.  True, I'll last only 45 minutes before my feet start to swell in those fabulous boots, but at least it will be 45 minutes of looking good. 

  Top: My mom's closet  Jeans: Thyme Maternity  Boots: Jessica Simpson (who else could make a fashion forward and functional high heeled hiking shoe?) Story: Editing a blog post before going out for a hike.  Didn't you see the boots?

Top: My sister's closet  Jeans: Thyme Maternity  Boots: I'm sure you could tell they're Italian
Story: Strutting my stuff before heading out to line dance at the local country bar.  Tassels are the hottest new trend in maternity.  Who cares if you're not looking your slimmest?  Draw some more attention to yourself.  Don't you want to up the number of strangers touching your stomach?

Top: Motherhood Maternity  Jeans: Gap Maternity  Boots: Italian 
Story:  I don't know, okay?  We were really clutching at straws here.  That's not even a real dog!!  In the second shot, I'm Middleton-ing.  It's a lesser known version of Tebowing or Owling
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  1. You look amazing and beautiful!!! Your little tummy is so cute!! Now tell mom I'll come raid her closet some time too! Lol