Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hello internet.  Jut writing to tell you that today, the sun came out, and it stayed out. All.  Day.  Long.  I can't tell you how happy that has made this achey backed, sleep deprived, whale of a woman!  I've been trying and trying to tell Jimmy that it doesn't take much, but somehow from the crouched position he assumes while putting on and taking off my socks he just can't hear me.
Since the sun made a rare appearance today, my motivation decided to respond in kind.  So I vacuumed the lawn.  That's right, vacuumed.  We had a very warmish winter (for Edmonton) which meant lots of ice, and in my condition I was forever fearful of a fall.  So I went a little crazy with the gravel, which wasn't a problem on our front walks, but it sure was on the cobble stone path out back.  Jimmy did ask how I thought we might clean it up when he came home one cold December day to see his backyard turned into a sand pit.  I told him that I would take care of it come spring.  And did I ever!
This project also involved the cleaning out of the sunroom and required three different vacuums, not to mention the prettiest outfit you've ever seen on a woman who was vacuuming the lawn.  The first vacuum was the central vac snaked out the back door from its plug in situated in the kitchen.  This model was used to clean the tile in the sunroom.
Hooded zip up: Jimmy's closet  Tank top: Gap Maternity
Leggings and Boots: The trash bin behind What Not to Wear's Studio
The second model was the Bissel upright to suck up all the grit on the durable astro turf like substance both inside and outside the sunroom.
And while I did try to get the Bissell to do the job on the paving stones and grass surrounding said paving stones, it wasn't up to the job.  So, the shop vac was summoned from its throne atop my all season tires in the garage.  I think you'll agree that the grass looks much happier after a good vacuuming.
After. Again.
I believe that completion of this particular chore means that I am exempt from washing the windows this year.  Not that I ever washed them before.

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  1. What the H E double hockey sticks happened to your hair??!! I hope it is just super duper greasy. Geez, I leave home for a few weeks and all heck breaks loose. And don't even get me started on that outfit. Do you think Kate Middleton dresses like that when she spring cleans?