Thursday, 22 March 2012


The rustling sound in the trees you just heard?  That was caused by my deep inhalations as my head cold has finally fled the coop.  Hooray for breathing through two nostrils!  Who cares if standing upright for the 12.5 minutes it takes me to apply my makeup is enough cardio activity to leave me huffing and puffing!  At least I can huff and puff through my nose!  No one likes a mouth breather.  No one.
Further proof of my reestablishment as a productive member of society?  I cleaned my whole house!  Sure, it took quadruple the time it normally does, but still.  And while Jimmy has noted that I am starting to walk with a distinct waddle, I'm not quite to the point where I can no longer bend low enough to scrub out the tub.  When that time comes (within minutes, no doubt) I'll be making use of a (brilliant) tip passed on to me by my friend and mother of two, Bertha (name changed to protect identity). Once you've gotten too big to bend it like Beckham (or even like Betty White), perch your delicate self on the edge of the tub and use your swollen feet to push the sponge around the tub.  Good.  Enough.
Not only can I breathe and clean my house, I've taken pictures of Jimmy's outfit two days in a row!  Look out world, here I come!
Without further ado, Jimmy's outfits:
Wednesday: A full view, and yes, the pants are pin striped. 
Wednesday: Close up of the camel coloured argyll.
Thursday: Dapper in dress shirt and pants.
Jimmy has a special interest in shoes, and I agree with him because this is where many men's outfits fall apart.  I've said it before, as long as you've got a decent fit and flat front pants, you're pretty safe.  But the shoes, oh the shoes!  So many men's shoes fall in to the dreaded sausage category.  How can you be sure your shoes aren't sausages?  There are two criteria.  The first and most important is a cylindrical shape.  This is exacerbated by the second criteria, which is the illusion of a longer than necessary shoe. The lengthy appearance of the shoe without the presence of the cylindrical shape is fine.  But put the two together, and you're in trouble.  Photographic evidence below:
The dreaded sausage.
And for comparison, a close up of Jimmy's shoes:
A simple Steve Madden slip on.
A Diesel boat shoe boot.
The details of men's fashion can be exhilarating, no doubt about it.  Speaking of details, if you have any suggestions for Jimmy's hair, I do believe he is in that frightful in between stage and is looking for suggestions.  Hmmm, another idea for a future post - the evolution of Jimmy's hair.  You've seen my evolution and given your votes, now I think it's Jimmy's turn.  I've posted the long haired pics of his youth, but there have been many mutations over the years.  Off to the archives I trot to find you some photos!
Till next time,

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  1. Dear God, where did you find that suasage shoe. How could anyone look at that shoe and decide to part company with their hard earned cash, schlep the shoes home and then make room for them in their shoe closet? The other shoes would just make fun of them - unless . . . they were also sausage shoes!! I need to lie down, I think I'm getting a sick headache.