Saturday, 3 March 2012

Toilet Talk

Have you seen this new contraption in public bathrooms near you?  
I'm seeing them more and more.  I made comment to a some friends about these things, and they either hadn't noticed them, or assumed they were hand sanitizer. Thankfully, no one had used them for sanitizing their mitts, as that is NOT their intended purpose.  So what is it, you ask?  Toilet seat cleaner, conveniently provided just for you to swipe the seat before you sit.
I'm all for cleanliness and am something of a germophobe, but really?  I'm sorry, cleaning a public toilet is almost more horrifying than having to use one at all.  I'll just hover, thank you!  It's interesting that here in Canada public bathrooms have never been big on supplying the disposable toilet seat cover, unlike our American friends down south. But somehow we've arrived at a place where we are providing Toilet Duck and a brush upon entrance into the stall?  I find this too weird.  Maybe if they also provided rubber gloves it would be more palatable?  No, forget it - I would need a full latex suit.  I don't even like cleaning my own toilet for Pete's sake!
Always happy to provide meaningful food for thought!

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  1. Are you kidding??!! That is too much for me to comprehend. First we were told to bring our clothes out of the fitting room. I guess wiping down after a stranger couldn't be far behind. Ah, progress.