Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mall Mania Photo Shoot

I've been promising it for eons, and here it comes, jumping through your computer screen in all its fuzzy glory.  A couple of weeks back my mom and I spent a Friday afternoon at West Edmonton Mall doing a fitting room photo shoot.  We had time for only two locales: Forever 21 and Old Navy.
First off, Forever 21.  While they do not have an actual maternity line, we were able to find many things that would envelop the bump.  And with those prices, you can't go wrong!  Reasonable pricing aside, the staff were not on board with our photo shoot, even if it was for a prominent local fashion blog.  Actually, they usually won't allow your entourage into the fitting rooms with you, instead making you parade awkwardly into the store to get a second opinion on your outfit, so we had to be very sneaky in order to get both of us into the fitting room in the first place.  So pardon the unvarying background and poses, but we were under suspicion and therefore limited to the confined and very hot space.
On to the photos.  All of the following are courtesy of our unwitting sponsors at Forever 21:
The story: This was our first outfit, and we both thought it looked cute at the time. 
Upon further reflection we decided it was more frumpy than cute.
I think my mom took her inspiration from a combination of 
Little House on the Prairie and Aztec motifs of yore.  Maybe
without the cardi?  As is it's perfect for lounging on 
the coach while watching 19 Kids and Counting.

 The story: A charming wrap dress in royal blue paired with pearls is the perfect outfit for mass on Sunday or for hosting a last minute dinner party for the husband's boss and his wife.  Just make sure you have time to polish the silver! 
The story: A sweet tunic dressed up with gold chains and pearls will take you
from Easter dinner to . . . I don't know where else.  A pregnant lady will
likely be very full and tired after Easter Dinner.  Best just to head
home and put on outfit 1 to be reunited with your re-runs.

The story: Florals are big this spring, and pairing this feminine dress with a
cute straw hat will keep your melasma from getting any worse on those
sunny days at the park frolicking through the spring flowers.

The story: Seen the show Babies Behind Bars?  There's no reason prison 
stripes can't be fashionable.  Of course you probably wouldn't be 
allowed the accessories.  
Hope you've enjoyed the fuzzy photos, and worry not, there are at least two more installments to come.

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  1. I am not at my creative best when threatened at every turn with expulsion from a retail outlet. Unlike you, I don't look gorgeous in prison stripes.