Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Dog?

Through work, Jimmy has become friends with a lovely family who have been blessed with four sons.  Yes, four.  Upon hearing our baby news, the saintly mother of those four boys (who should really have a personal assistant to help her organize their hockey practices) exclaimed that if our baby is a girl she is taking her home.  I guess someone who is that starved for an extra x chromosome will do anything, even raise five children!
We were visiting with three of the four boys last weekend, and Jimmy began teasing them about the fact that they could be welcoming an adopted sister into their home if their mom's wish comes true.  The youngest boy, an animated five year old announced that this wasn't a concern as he suspected the baby would be a boy. But he added, if it was a dog, he'd take it.  
After we recovered from our laughter, Jimmy asked what he'd name the dog. Without hesitation the boy declared "Lilly!"  So no sister for him, but he does want his new pet to be a girl.  
Oh boy!


  1. Oh my gosh that is too funny!! When I was pregnant with my oldest, I had a dream the baby was a cat, and I left the cat at the gas station, which was run by the cafeteria lady at the school I was teaching at ... so I am thinking that 5 year old and I were on the same wavelength - uh oh! I also wanted to say that I agree that Jimmy need a haircut (I said so to my son a few weeks ago actually, who just looked at me funny). His need to not cut it until the baby comes reminds me of the play-off beard tradition/superstition favoured by the sporty types which your hubbie definitely is! Good luck - and just be happy he does not have that full beard he was sporting last fall lol!! Hope you are feeling well, I found the last month the most trying physically, because from now on it is all about baby getting bigger.

  2. Does no one care that I am allergic to dogs??? If it is a dog, boy or girl, I am not babysitting. Benadryl makes me drowsy and the dog (if it is a boy) would probably run out onto the street while I was resting my eyes. Or expect me to pick up it's poop for the rest of it's life (boy again) or never want to pee indoors (Jimmy's progeny, either sex). Plus dogs cannot be trained to retrieve a champagne of beers from the fridge like human girls (easy-peasy) and human boys (but only after a lot of instruction, diagrams and the promise of potatoe chips). Please God don't let the bebe be a dog!