Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nursery Reveal!

You know that my mom is the fashion and art director here at Chez Quinlan, but did you know she is also the fashion and art director of my life too?  Well she is.  And she does a fabulous job.  Her latest project?  The nursery, bien sûr.  The theme? Vintage French Nursery.
The nursery used to be our guest room - of which I have no pictures.  I do have some kind of before pics through which you can see the amazing transformation.
Blah . . .
Floating branch that used to be anchored by the guest room book case.
The old chair and artwork from the guest room.
And now . . . the end result!  It's so full of sweet little touches and details.  My mom did a beautiful job.
As you come in the door, on your right.  More details on the artwork in a post to follow.
A view of the chair, painstakingly re-covered by my mom. You won't believe the deal she got on the chair - sources to come soon!
Notice the nail head detail.

The très French looking dresser.
A view of the chic rug and hand sewn crib skirt and mama's blanket for those late nights.
More of the custom created linens - and yes, I know the bébé can't actually use them.  It's for the look people! The little pillow (which also won't be used - yet- was mine.  It's printed with French poetry, and my mom turned it into a mini pillow for the little one.
The custom made wall decal we plan to use as a growth chart.
My mom calls it the tree of life.  Worry not - sources are coming!
The unbearably cute giraffe lamp and sleek and stylish side table.
The of the moment drum light, lovingly installed by James, after my dad taught him how to do it with our dining room lights.
 My mom slaved over this room.  She did all of the shopping, sewing, and pounding of upholstery nails, not to mention trying to figure out how to fit all of that furniture into a not so big room.  All I did was find a designer for the tree of life then help my mom put it on the wall.  Jimmy of course risked life and limb with the electrical and moved the old furniture out.  Other than that the room was a total surprise fro me and Jimmy, which was so fun to come home to after yoga one afternoon.  And now we wait . . . 10 days to the due date.  Jimmy told me the other day it might be time to tell his boss that we're having a baby seeing as he may need to leave work in a hurry any day now.  
"What?!" I said. "You still haven't mentioned it?"
His reponse: "I like to keep my private life private."
I'll be back soon with all the details on where my mom found all the goods!

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  1. gorgeous!! what a wonderful gift from your mother