Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ellen . . . Who Else?

Well, even though I sent this picture into Ellen, she hasn't shown it yet.  And now I know why.  The picture I sent can't compete with this one.
Jimmy has been surprisingly quiet lately.  I think he's lying low after my awesome April Fool's trick.  I don't possess the sharp wit nor love for teasing others that Jimmy does, so when I get him, it is a momentous occasion.  I can't believe I haven't gloated about it publicly via internet yet.  Perhaps tomorrow.
And sadly, there has been no long lasting solution found for his hair dilemma.  The people haven't spoken loudly enough.  Which makes me wonder if the people are really as interested in his hair, clothing, and witty quips as he thinks they are.  A quick visit to my blog stats page confirms that the post about my hair racked up 96 page views, while the post about his bad hair had a paltry 36 views.  Hmmm.  I guess the people have spoken.  To be fair, another perusal of my blog's stats revealed that people have found my blog through Google searches such as "different ways to wear my hair for school" and "short pixie cut" which could explain the extra page views my hair has garnered.  Although, there have been a couple of searches for "3 2 1 buzzcut" and inexplicably "buzzcut stripes" that have led a reader or two to Jimmy's hair post.  
Anyways, I should really stop procrastinating and start dinner.  I hope leftover and re-heated apple tarts from Nana's Easter dinner are okay with Jimmy.  That's all I have the energy for.
Until next time,


  1. Hi there! Ellen did post the Wildrose bus on her facebook page not long after you blogged that you had sent it to her :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I found it, she did post it on March 26th. "Show me your hub caps" LOL!