Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Back again?  My cousin Wyatt and his ukulele, that's who.  He's got a cute band mate too.  And of course my stellar skills as a videographer are on display.
Family dinners aren't just an opportunity for Wyatt to wow us with is musical talent. It's also a time for us girls (and one boy) to strike a pose.
Don't look directly at the belly.  Those lines can make you dizzy.
And just when I said "Pontifications from Paul" wouldn't become a regular feature, Paul goes ahead and delivers more material for me to make use of.  As I mentioned, Paul lives out of town, and as he was preparing to hit the road the other day, he told me he'd be back in nine days.
Me: You never know, the baby could be born by then!
Paul: What? No!
Me: Yeah!  We're only two and a half weeks from the due date.
Paul: Really?  Wow!  You look great, then!  I didn't realize it was so close.

Thanks, Paul.
PS. Sometimes uploading videos and pictures and the formatting on Blogger makes me really mad.  Do you see how one of my paragraphs above is actually a part of the picture caption?  And do you think I could fix it?  Also, I had to create my own YouTube channel in order to upload that video.  Just saying . . . a post that should've taken me 20 minutes to publish has taken an hour and a half.  I'm done my complaining for the day.  Now you can go and complain to someone else about how you wasted six minutes of your life listening to me complain.  You're welcome.

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  1. You know what makes me mad . . . going to Purdy's to pick up some Chocolate and Krisps bars and they are all out! I mean really, all you sell is chocolate. So don't run out of it. I feel better now, more calm. Now for some positive thoughts as your birth companion. You really do look Tee - rific even with the crazy stripes. I hope Q didn't get dizzy. Those stripes are probably even crazier inside out and in black and white (colour can't project through your tummy). Q probably thought it was the off air pattern for the television. I hope he doesn't think he is being born into the 1970s when television really did go off the air in the wee small hours as his fashion sense will be atrocious and very akward for me, his fashion forward JG.