Friday, 13 April 2012

Mall Mania Photo Shoot Part Two

Before getting to the photos, let me say that these photos are four weeks old, so the baby bell no longer looks quite so diminutive.  I really fooled my aunt, a faithful reader.  When she saw me IRL at Easter dinner, she pointed out that the bump looked much smaller on the interweb.  I had to admit that my pics aren't always au courant. 
On to the photo shoot!  This time the fashions come to you hot off the racks at Old Navy.  And while Old Navy does have a maternity section, I've voiced my complaints about the cramped and disorganized quarters it occupies, not to mention the rather limited selection.  Happily, though, we found many items in the "regular" section that worked well.  And while we did not receive a warm welcome at Forever 21 and had to hide our photo shoot in the dressing room, the fine folks at Old Navy didn't bat an eye, and even offered to get me a chair when I got a foot cramp during the arduous work that is a photo shoot.  I kid you not!
The story: Walking shorts and a cotton shirt, buttons straining, is the perfect look for a labour inducing waddle around the block.  Just don't forget your straw hat with coordinating band for that pesky melasma.
The story: Brights are hot this spring, and layered over black, the bump virtually disappears.  Wear this while riding in your drop top and cranking Black and Yellow.
The story: A casual look you could wear while strolling the boardwalk and channeling a pregnant mermaid.  As an added bonus, the stretchy waist band will allow you to indulge in a churro or two.
The story: Another hot spring trend, this floral dress might be just the frock to enhance your glow at your baby shower.  Or to highlight just how pale your legs are.  Either way . . . 
The story: Another feminine floral paired with pearls.  And while sandals and flip flops may seem like a pregnant woman's best friend, squeezing your toes together to fit through the straps may lead to intense foot cramps.  I know first hand.
The story: Stretchy skirt and elastic waisted shirt.  Enough said.  Really, this should be your uniform.
The story: A roomy denim skirt with such interesting details at the neckline requires very little accessorizing.  Aside from a jaunty hat of course.  Wear this while strolling the beach on your babymoon.  Or just on your imaginary babymoon.

And while these outfits might fool you into thinking spring is here, it isn't.  At least not in Edmonton.  Snow, rain, grey skies and wind have been our spring time companions.  Luckily, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I've bought a plane ticket and will be escaping to Arizona about a month after the baby is due with my mom and sisters.  Should be interesting, to say the least!  Now I just need to find the baby a temperature controlled bubble so that I can enjoy the hot, hot, hot temps by the pool uninterrupted.  
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  1. You are as cute as a bug in a rug, you are the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas.